For a property owner with a $100,000 annual property bill, this amounts to approximately $71 in additional fees each year for the term of the bond. Other examples and estimations are below.


Property Value Estimated Amount of Additional Taxes
$50,000  $35.80
$75,000  $53.70
$100,000  $71.74
$150,000  $107.40
$200,000  $143.48
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The interest rate at the present time is approximately 3.2%. The interest rate would be locked in at the rate at the time the bond is approved.

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The bond breakdown is as follows:

City Hall – $9 million
Parking structure at new City Hall – $1 million
Police Department Retrofit and Municipal Courtroom at Scott Street – $3 million. The new courtroom would meet all federal and security guidelines.

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20 years.

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