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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Conyers bond request part of a well thought-out plan

By Bill Rogers

 The purpose of this correspondence is to offer my support for the city of Conyers bond referendum. While there has been a wave of discord surrounding the bond for the county, I am afraid that the due diligence that the city has illustrated before asking the citizens for support has been lost.

To offer some context, my wife and I have lived in the city of Conyers for 53 years. Our family has loved living in Conyers so much, that when we realized we needed a bigger house, we bought the lot beside us and literally moved next door. Also, our children were educated in the public school system here, and each has gone on to live successful and productive lives. Maybe more importantly, my grandchildren are being raised around the corner from us still within the city limits. Lastly, I had the pleasure of building a successful insurance business on Center Street in the heart of Olde Town. These are just some of the reasons for my interest in supporting the bond.

While there are many reasons to support a new City Hall, such as the positive economic impact it will have on Olde Town, the main reason I support the referendum is because I trust the leadership requesting the bond. They have worked to illustrate that they know exactly what they need and how much money it will take to renovate and construct the facilities.

 The leadership has done its homework and is able to answer every question I have asked. This effort is not a “willy-nilly” request for us to approve funds before they hire an architect. This is a process that started three years ago when they conducted a Needs Assessment Report. Two years ago, they hired an architect to design facilities based on the Needs Assessment Report. Armed with this knowledge, the leadership was able to search for a piece of property to accommodate the building while still creating a positive impact on Olde Town.

This is why the city of Conyers is asking for only $13 million, because they know exactly where every dime will be spent. It should also be noted that the city has an AAA bond rating. This means that they know they will get an interest rate of 3.2 to 3.5 percent based on current rates available to the city due to their excellent credit rating. This alone will save millions.

Simply put, we need it, and the city’s leaders have done their homework. Their efforts have created a level of transparency that allows for citizens to have an informed vote. Vote YES for the city of Conyers bond!

Bill Rogers


Bill Rogers is a former member of the Conyers City Council.

[Letter appeared originally in the Rockdale Citizen)

From the City of Conyers’ April 2018 Newsletter

Bond Proposed for Retrofit of Conyers

Police Department, New City Hall and Municipal Courtroom
A $13 million bond will be on the ballot for city voters when they go to the polls on May 22. The funds will be dedicated to upgrading the Conyers Police Department and to accommodate a dedicated municipal courtroom.
The bond will also include the construction of a new city hall on O’Kelly Street that will centralize and consolidate all other services and departments.

The current city hall was established in 1965 and served citizens for 23 years before expansion was required in 1988. In the 30 years since the last expansion, the city’s population has doubled, as has the number of employees, causing departments to become overcrowded with no room for growth and limited storage. The bond will allow for the expansion of public safety while meeting federal mandates for enhanced security services pertaining to a dedicated courtroom.
Renderings are available for viewing on the city website and on display at Conyers City Hall, 1184 Scott Street, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. A breakdown of costs and features for the $13 million investment is as follows:

City Hall – $9 million
Parking structure at new City Hall – $1 million
Police Department Retrofit and Municipal Courtroom
at Scott Street – $3 million.

The new courtroom would meet all federal and security guidelines. The approval of the bond would result in an addition of approximately $71 to an average annual $100,000 property bill.

For more information, contact the city manager’s office at 770-929-4226 or Conyers City Hall at 770-483-4411.

Rockdale Citizen Article

Rockdale Citizen Article

CONYERS — The Conyers City Council on Saturday arrived at a consensus to proceed with a proposal for construction of a new City Hall complex on property off Oakland Avenue north of Interstate 20. The move coincides with plans to revitalize public housing neighborhoods south of Green Street with a public-private partnership and build a senior citizen high-rise facility.

City Manager Tony Lucas presented the City Hall plans at the council’s annual weekend retreat, held at the Marriott Evergreen Conference Resort in Stone Mountain.

“We’re moving forward,” Lucas said when asked to describe the effect of the roundtable consensus reached by his staff, the five council members and Mayor Randy Mills. He said the next step will be to issue a request for proposals for the architectural design.

Preliminary designs reveal the future City Hall building will face Oakland Avenue north of I-20 and south of Hewlett Street.

Read the full article at the The Rockdale Citizen.