The city’s municipal court holds, on average, two court dates a week. Currently, court is held in the City Council Chambers on the second floor of the Police Department, which was never designed with the intention of it serving as a courtroom. The room has other uses including employee meetings and trainings, employee functions and luncheons, public meetings, and city council meetings. The room does not currently meet federal regulations or security guidelines, however it does meet State Certification and CALEA requirements.

On days when court is held, parking at city hall is at a premium. By relocating other city services to another location, the parking lot would be restriped to accommodate parking for Conyers Police and court employees and those arriving for court-related appearances and services.

The lobby area near the elevators becomes very congested during court.  Attendees wait in line to pay fines or probation fees, as well as others waiting to be called back to complete probation intake.  There is not sufficient room at times to accommodate the amount of people in the lobby area.